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Release Gas in the Body, Support Digest System | Press this Acupressure Point (PC6) Daily #shorts

This is the Qigong Basic Acupressure Daily. Press this Acupressure Points daily, press (as well as launch) with both hands in 60 Seconds will certainly assist you to keep a satisfied and also healthy and balanced life.
You can use this after Qigong everyday Routine, right prior to going to sleep or anytime that you require to relax as well as unwind your mind and body.

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Thanks as well as appreciate your workout in mindfulness with a great deal of happiness and also tranquility.
Wellness please note: Please consult your doctor prior to doing any one of these workouts.

Video clip tape-recorded, modified, and also Performed by Thich Man Tue (Br Insight).

*** Acupressure Points:
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– Press at Point (3 Fingers from internal Wrist) 7:45.: Release Gas In the body, Support Digest System.
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