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Omeprazole 20mg Heartburn Medicine by Reliable 1 Laboratories | Delayed Release Acid Reducer Tablets for GERD, Stomach Relief and Frequent Heartburn | Pack of 2 Boxes 42 Tablets Each

Omeprazole Tablets are an excellent acid reducer, supplying GERD alleviation and also dealing with heartburn, allowing you maintain up your rate, appreciate life– also rest much easier without the distressed stomach!ACID REDUCER AND STOMACH RELIEF Symptoms like queasiness, shedding feelings, that swelling in your upper body– all quickly minimized with Omeprazole 20mg heartburn medication. By hindering acid manufacturing from the belly cellular lining, Omeprazole goes right to the resource for relief.DELAYED RELEASE ANTI ACID Delayed launch tablet computers offer continual alleviation, over the 14-day program of therapy. Take pleasure in expanded alleviation from regular heartburn, GERD, and also various other acid associated concerns.

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