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4 Tips to relieve Stomach Ache/ Colic in Babies below 6 months | Baby Health Care Remedy

Stomach Ache or Colic in Babies is quite a concern for many parents🙁. I remember it was the same with my first child but by the time I had my second one I had read a lot about it and never panicked on spit ups, never gave colic syrups and tried all these remedies and it helped.

Here are a few simple and easy ✏️Tips to relieve Stomach Ache or Colic in Babies👶🏼 below 6 months.

1. Ensure to Burp Well
2. Lots of Tummy Time
3. Try Digestion Massage
4. Apply Hing paste

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Stay Happy and Healthy!🤗

Kavitha Prashanth

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